Monday Mate

This is the post excerpt.


I hope everyone is havingĀ a great Monday! Getting back into the swing of things after a great weekend is always a drag. I’m getting over some allergies with the nice relaxing Barao Tradicional from Brazil. It’s considered chimarrao.

Chimarrao is the traditional form of yerba mate in Brazil. It is harvested one day, dried and pulverized the next then packaged and shipped out the third.


It has a lower caffeine content compared to other types of yerba mate because it’s not aged for months on end like most others. It also has a very unique taste because it’s fresh.

Chimarrao tastes like living leaves I guess is one way to describe it. This Barao Tradicional has a slight berry or floral taste to it that makes for a nice relaxing drink to nurse throughout the day.

The best part I think is how my cuia (big brazilian gourd) smells amazing empty. I can drink out of it all day, empty and rinse it out before bed and in the morning it smells a thousand times better than it did originally. That may not be a big deal for most people, but it really adds to the whole experience for me.

What’s your favorite drink for the ol’ Monday Blues?


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